Sashimi, Britney, Luda Chris & Linglin Play a ANTE Game terbaru – Commentary by Charlie Wilmoth

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0: 00 Countdown
27: 17 Perfect Level to Intro on Earth | By no methodology Fold, Raise It Up
32: 47 Participant Introductions & Beginning Chip Counts
1: 01: 10 Linglin 75 v Luda Chris T4| Cumulative Winnings I
1: 07: 10 Luda Chris Q9 v Francisco AA
1: 17: 00 Linglin 86 v Luda Chris AA |🫣| All inside! One Time!
1: 25: 35 Reduce AK v Luda Chris AA | Cumulative Winnings II
2: 00: 30 Luda Chris 99 v Sashimi AQ v Linglin AK |👀
2: 09: 28 Sashimi KK v Dr. H AA | Cumulative Winnings III
2: 22: 50 Mike X AQ v Luda Chris AA | Cumulative Winnings IV
2: 32: 20 Linglin AJ v Dr. H 72
2: 41: 45 Dr. H 66 v Linglin AJ | Francisco AK v Luda Chris AK
2: 53: 10 Britney 88 v Dr. H KK | Cumulative Winnings V
3: 04: 15 Sashimi QT v Linglin KJ
3: 29: 49 Wednesday Lineup!
3: 37: 05 Cumulative Winnings VI
4: 04: 40 Qualified John AK v Luda Chris 52 | Thursday Lineup!
4: 14: 10 Reduce K5 v Dr. H 76 | 😂| Britney 99 v Linglin AK
4: 20: 00 Cumulative Winnings VII
4: 28: 10 Reduce T9 v Mike X KJ
4: 42: 25 Francisco AQ v Luda Chris AQ
4: 47: 30 Dr. H KK v Sashimi Q9 |✨2024 Million Greenback Game terbaru!! Would perchance per chance per chance also just 28-31✨
5: 05: 00 Britney AJ v Linglin AK | All inside! One Time!
5: 10: 50 Reduce TT v Luda Chris KJ
5: 26: 00 Britney A8 v Luda Chris T8
5: 29: 55 Final Stats, Charlie Price Off & Ending Credit score

Executive Producer: Reduce Vertucci
Executive Producer: Ryan Feldman
Director: Neve Levy
Head of Video Manufacturing: Kyle Ravreby
Audio Technician: David Olivares, Gerry Feldman
Graphics Technician: Mike Peluso
Video Manufacturing: Aatmaj Kapoor, Nathan Ramirez, Christian Pangrazio
Animation: Alejandro Indriago
On line casino GM: Shaun Yaple
Arrangement Engineer: Brett Drolet
Manufacturing Coordination: Clint Santiago Dahl
Particular As a result of a Flynt Household

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