Let’s Play Outer Wilds: Echoes of a Review Blind 6 – Never-ending Canyon

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I mediate or no longer it is a appropriate time to deliver that I REALLY struggled with a darkness by plot of keeping my sense of route (also my abdomen, motion sickness, yay!), which is what led me to uh, my more creative thinking. 💀 I knew that if I needed to sneak by arrangement of a dwelling, I is at likelihood of become exasperated, motion ailing, also it will probably perchance purchase potentially factual as lengthy inside a conclude as what I stopped up doing.

Also I tricked y’all, youre thought I wasn’t going to get a Hidden Gorge at all, huh? 😆

Scamper, I did dispute Starlit Grove inside a initiating there. Let’s all faux I did no longer.

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