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Welcome to Bridge Curse 2. A brand unusual taiwanese paranormal fright Game terbaru based off Wen Hua College. Stumble on a haunted college, confronting ghosts & worse inside this first person survival fright Game terbaru. Will our shatter a bridge curse 2?

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ABOUT: a Bridge Curse 2: a Extrication
Try to flee with your existence inside ‘a Bridge Curse 2: a Extrication’, a first-person survival fright lag impart within ‘Wen Hua College’, eminent inside Taiwan for its ghost tales & folklore. Play thru a eyes of 4 clear characters as youre evade also confront grisly ghosts, unravel mind-bending puzzles, also unearth a grisly conspiracy… Will youre continue to exist a evening, or change into basically a most up-to-date victim of a curse?

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